Wednesday, December 9, 2009

DIY Tutorial: Christmas Cupcakes

Mmmm... so tasty.

These cupcakes are "cheaters" if I may, considering all I did was add a little food coloring and imagination.

What you'll need:
-1 box classic white cake mix (one WITH pudding added)
-3 bowls
-red & green food coloring

Follow directions on the box, then separate into 3 even portions. Add red/green food coloring until you reach the color desired. Red takes a bit more, otherwise you'll have a pink Christmas cupcake!

Layer in your colors in whatever order you choose, mine were all the same, but you can mix it up.

I am never good at following the 2/3rd way full, so mine ended up HUGE and only making 12 large cupcakes and 12 mini-cupcakes (I really should get better with that...). Also I would highly recommend baking cups, I didn't have any, and the outside of my cupcakes turned a little more brown than I would have liked for the aesthetic appeal. Although, they sure looked awesome when cut in half or bitten in!