Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Little Orange Car"

Goodbye..."Little Orange Car" I will miss you dearly. I could always find you in the parking lot, it was easy to tell people where I lived-you were their landmark, you drove me all the way from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, you still looked new at 7/8yrs old, ran like a beast, got amazing gas mileage, and even though the cops loved to pull me over for your unique color (& out-of-state plates) you have been my favorite car.

Today the "Little Orange Car" is no longer mine. She has been sold.

On a semi-related note... I kind of feel like I keep having to give things up for this PCS. First it was my babies:

Here's to a new place, new friends, new church, new job (I hope!) and possibly... new pets & a new car. We are just under a week away now... that is if nothing changes again! Haha.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

East Coast

Well, we're back on the east coast... it's so freakin' cold! I want Arizona weather back... *sigh*

Hubby got to come out for my friend's wedding which was awesome, we had to wait for that leave to go through while he was training. After the wedding my parent's took us to California with them for a week on the beach! We also got the military tickets for Disneyland & California Adventure. It was great! If you are in Cali or will be traveling there look into it! You can get a 3-day park hopper for $99/ea and up to 40% off hotel rooms.

Sunset from our balcony.
The California Adventure's "World of Color" show... I highly recommend! Make sure you get a fast pass so you are guaranteed a seat!
A little silliness on the California Adventure boardwalk =)

We got the phone call yesterday that our HHG had arrived and that our POV was waiting for us in port. They wanted to know where to deliver the HHG and when we'd be coming to pick up our car... well... the car in a couple weeks, the HHG... yeah, we still don't have a place to live! The base housing wait list is ridiculously long and finding off-base housing on the internet is quite a chore. It also doesn't help that the timezones are so different. I'm sure we'll be pounding pavement during the 10 days of house hunting leave...

This sure has been a long, drawn out PCS process... haha. We may be squeezing in one more day trip before we leave this place for real. I'll update if we do!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Mrs. Yellow Ribbon is at it again with her fun link-up... she's even coined it "Show & Tell Tuesday."

This week... words or phrases you use all the time.
  1. Little - Used to describe the guinea pigs, dogs, or young children. Example: "Oh, what a cute little!" or "Come here little!"

  2. Seriously - Used more as a manner of expression, could be replaced by the word really or the phrase "did that just happen?" Imagine if you saw someone doing something extremely dumb... "Seriously?!"

  3. Tweans - My husband actually made it up and theoretically it doesn't apply to anything anymore since it was a combination of our guinea pigs' names (Twix & Beans) and we sadly had to give them away for the PCS. Now it has just become something silly we say to each other.

  4. Lady - I call all my girl friends this... seriously. If you get a text, e-mail, or facebook comment from me and you are a female this word is bound to be in it. I even greet my friends in person with "Hey lady" instead of "Hey {insert name here}" ... sometimes I wonder if I am annoying?

  5. Messed up - Used in reference to anything I don't think is right/like. "That's messed up!"

There are plenty of other words and phrases I use, but they are not very interesting or unique. However, I'm sure some of the other ladies are... so go link up. =)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Entertainment Industry

I have never, ever, ever been a lover of the entertainment industry. I don't like the fact that just because these people are considered "famous" that it gives them the right to the lime-light 24/7. No offense, but why do should I care about how insane Charlie Sheen is, who had the best fashion at the Oscar's, Lindsay Lohan and a jewelry heist, Brittney Spears' new release...? Give it a rest.

I have more respect for actors/artists/athletes who show us their "talents" and then live their own lives. Since they do get paid a ridiculous amount of money- I think it is great when they donate to charity organizations or make appearances at events for fundraisers, auctions, youth, military. But, and this is a big BUT, it makes me so sad that people idolize them, want to be them, and envy them.

How many "celebs" have gone through:
  • breakdowns
  • depression
  • attempted suicide (or succeeded)
  • done some ridiculous stunt for more TV coverage
  • been caught committing a felony, and let off
  • sex scandals
  • etc.
They may feel that they are NOT "role models," sadly the media has portrayed them to be. Money, fame, status... that's what the media tells us is important.

I'd love to see news about children/youth/everyday people inventing better ways to capture natural energy, donating their time to a charity effort, neighbors uniting together to clean up a local park so children can play debris free, a rally for the adoption of animals in a humane society, kids writing letters to troops, baby items donated to a local woman's shelter. ANYTHING POSITIVE. Anything to do with you & me. Not "them."

Speaking of that, this should have been on the news:
"U.S. Largely Unaware of Sacrifice"

My mom had mentioned many times that most military families are just that. A long line of military history, grandfathers, fathers, sons/daughters... most people who join the military had a family member who served prior to them. I look at my husband... who joined after his grandfather, uncle, & sister. This is true. So when I read this article, the following quote stuck out:

"Service to and sacrifice for the nation have become a legacy affair for a relatively small number of families."

I pray that others start realizing what's going on in the real world, not the picture the media paints for us marred with actor's drug overdoses, the latest sex scandal, and "what's hot" this season.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Rings {link-up}

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon is having a fun "link-up."
I haven't done one lately... and this one is cute.

Did you look at rings together?
Only after he proposed... for him, he had never worn a ring so he had no idea what size he was or how thick/thin of a band he would like. He did great picking out something I would love and coordinating things with my mom from across the country! Neither of us saw our wedding bands until we put them on each others fingers during the ceremony!

Do you like your ring? Did you from the beginning?...and be honest!
I did & I do! I thought the center diamond was kind of big, but it is a family heirloom from my side, so it just means that much more to me.

How often do you wear your rings?
I only take them off for:
-baking/gardening (times where batter/dirt/etc would get around the diamonds)
-being in the ocean
-lifting weights

Do you clean your rings?
I do not (I probably should), the jeweler he bought the rings from cleans & re-dips the ring whenever we manage to get back to my hometown, haha...

What went through your mind the very first time you saw your ring?
"Don't drop it in the sand, don't drop it in the sand..." He proposed on the beach.

Want to join in?
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