Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Mrs. Yellow Ribbon is at it again with her fun link-up... she's even coined it "Show & Tell Tuesday."

This week... words or phrases you use all the time.
  1. Little - Used to describe the guinea pigs, dogs, or young children. Example: "Oh, what a cute little!" or "Come here little!"

  2. Seriously - Used more as a manner of expression, could be replaced by the word really or the phrase "did that just happen?" Imagine if you saw someone doing something extremely dumb... "Seriously?!"

  3. Tweans - My husband actually made it up and theoretically it doesn't apply to anything anymore since it was a combination of our guinea pigs' names (Twix & Beans) and we sadly had to give them away for the PCS. Now it has just become something silly we say to each other.

  4. Lady - I call all my girl friends this... seriously. If you get a text, e-mail, or facebook comment from me and you are a female this word is bound to be in it. I even greet my friends in person with "Hey lady" instead of "Hey {insert name here}" ... sometimes I wonder if I am annoying?

  5. Messed up - Used in reference to anything I don't think is right/like. "That's messed up!"

There are plenty of other words and phrases I use, but they are not very interesting or unique. However, I'm sure some of the other ladies are... so go link up. =)

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  1. One of my good friends always says, "Hey Lady!" too. I like it! :)


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