Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Little Orange Car"

Goodbye..."Little Orange Car" I will miss you dearly. I could always find you in the parking lot, it was easy to tell people where I lived-you were their landmark, you drove me all the way from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, you still looked new at 7/8yrs old, ran like a beast, got amazing gas mileage, and even though the cops loved to pull me over for your unique color (& out-of-state plates) you have been my favorite car.

Today the "Little Orange Car" is no longer mine. She has been sold.

On a semi-related note... I kind of feel like I keep having to give things up for this PCS. First it was my babies:

Here's to a new place, new friends, new church, new job (I hope!) and possibly... new pets & a new car. We are just under a week away now... that is if nothing changes again! Haha.


  1. I have a black Mazda 6. I don't know if I could give it up. I love her so much!

  2. That car is adorable. I am a big fan!

    Good luck with your PCS!

  3. Awww :(
    Are you back on the right coast? Can we still hang out? It is VERY cold today! boooo

  4. Even though I never thought I was that attached to my car, I was so sad when we sold it!

    Good luck with the move!!


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