Saturday, April 2, 2011

Not a good day.

We took our day trip...
I'm tired & sore, BUT it was fun,
I'll fill you guys in on it later when I'm in a happier mood...

Right now... I just want to give up.

I can't find a house.
Looking on the internet sucks & is depressing.
They seriously cost an arm & a leg.
(ex: 2br, 1bth, 900sq ft, no yard/storage, 1prkg = $1,950... then add utilities, internet...)
Fyi: our BAH won't cover that.
Base waiting list... still in the upper 200s... yes 200s!
My husband's old boss moved there...
Thursday his wife messaged me:
"We've been here for a year and still don't have a house, you'll be fine!"
Talk about comforting. Not.
I don't want to always live in transition.

I've been applying for jobs like no other.
-don't have a house
-not sure where (city) I'll be living
-don't have a car so not sure where I can get to/work at
I got a call back... I called back, no answer so I left a voicemail.
I was excited, it was for a community relations specialist job on base... I figure there'd be a way for me to get to work there with hubby working there too.
I e-mailed.
STILL no call back. *sigh*

I'm praying once we actually GET there (within a week now!) and get hubby's truck from the port... we can find something acceptable within our budget. Then I can work on the job & deciding if we need a second car again. I definitely did here.

Sorry for being such a downer.
I hope your 1st day of April was enjoyable & no mean pranks were pulled on you.


  1. I can't believe your BAH won't cover that!! Ours is $2000... My hubby is an E4 though, so maybe it's the rank thing. Honestly, housing near the MCB here is probably really expensive because it's near the beach. Housing in general is expensive here. I hope you can find something, though!!

  2. :( I think finding a new place to live is one of the most stressful things about moving. I can deal with my crap getting broken/lost, but it's trying to find something we can live with (or even LIKE) for the next year or two that's in our budget. Of course finding a new place to live is followed closely by finding a new job. My heart goes out to you guys!

  3. I'm so sorry you are having problems finding a place to live....I can't imagine how frustrating that must be. I'm sending good housing vibes your way so you find something soon that you love and that is affordable to you. :)


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