Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Starting Over... Again...

I kind of feel like my first month in Maryland is on replay... only this time I'm in a hotel, car-less, and pet-less...

For those of you that don't know, hubby and I got married fall of 2009 and I moved to MD in November to be with him (finally!). I didn't have friends yet, but I did have a town house to decorate, a car to escape when I needed to get out of the house, and guinea pigs to entertain me while job searching for endless hours.

I finally met some nice Marine wives at Christmas (company party) and started hanging out with them every couple of weeks. We had also found a church to call our home. March of 2010 we joined a small group for newly married couples without children... oh my goodness, talk about becoming best friends in one year. I miss these people terribly... 1yr was too short.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't know anyone here... I know two couples from MD, currently both men are deployed and both women are playing supermom. One has 3 children ages 7 and under, the other has two children ages 2 and under. We've had dinner with them twice, but honestly their focus is on (and rightly so) their children and any snippet of time their husbands get to contact them. One also makes me really depressed, always commenting on how her husband is missing everything, how she can't stand her base house (oh my gosh, I'd love to have her house!), and how she doesn't get any adult conversation time (but she refuses to leave the house or take her kids to a play group), and how she thinks that her husband will be volunteering to go back out as soon as he returns, if that happens she's moving home.

I just don't know.
Although, I didn't expect it to be easy...
My husband is also a higher rank than almost everyone in his shop other than his direct superiors, he said all the wives he's seen with the guys seem to be really young and catty. *sigh*

Tonight will mark 1wk here. I know that is an extremely short amount of time when it comes to moving, checking in, finding a home, etc. It's just felt really long. We got bumped on the base waiting list (big surprise) but we are still praying that something will change, we can't imagine living in town at this point. The houses we've looked at are disgusting (think mold, damp carpet, lack of any storage-not even bedroom closets) and so over priced!

I do have to say I love the fact that this is on base:


I need to find a reliable used car and get the heck out of this hotel room!


  1. :( Sorry things have been so rough for you...I hope they get better soon!!

  2. It's so hard starting over again, especially when you loved where you were!

  3. Catty girls, that always a score. I hope things get better for you! Being without a car for a week anywhere is rough so you are just fine to feel this way.

  4. Hope you find the right car soon (or maybe it will find you? ha ha ha I grew up on the old Herbie movies)

    I spent a Summer in Dumfries, VA to be near my husband when he was at OCS. His dad had an amazing house less than ten minutes from the main gate to Quantico, so we had a great place to stay, and a pool within walking distance. Unfortunately, thundershowers popped up literally every freaking day (which closed the pool)...and without a car, I felt 'trapped' in that awesome house for more than two months.

    For me, CAR = freedom.

  5. Welcome to Hawaii! My hubby is stationed @KBay (Naval Aviation), but we live in Pearl City. I don't blog much right now (busy with work and my masters program), but I am always up for meeting new people!

  6. I'm in Hawaii as well. Getting a house was frustrating. Hopefully it all worked out. I saw you USMC cake from the 2010 ball. Do you have any other pics of it? It looks amazing!

  7. Hi there,
    I am headed to Hawaii in one month and am extremely nervous about it. I will of course be starting over like yourself. Just wondering how you like it there now that you have settled in? Did you end up getting base housing or are you living off?


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