Thursday, April 7, 2011

Be Positive.

Well my dear (bloggy) friends, we made it.

After 24hrs, we made it. Yes, 24 hrs... and the kicker, I was awake the WHOLE time. Although that actually turned out to be a good thing- now I'm on the right sleep schedule, hubby is all messed up.

Anyway, we woke up bright and early Wednesday morning (4:45am EST) and were at the airport at 5:45am. We went to check in with Delta and SATO never paid for our tickets! The reservations were made March 12th... March 12th and sometime within that span of three weeks they didn't manage to pay for the ticket. Hubs was mad, and rightly so, when he picked up the itinerary they looked him in the face and said "these are paid for, you're good to go."

So standing off to the side of the counter he calls SATO, he waits 30min to even speak to someone... as soon as he does all they tell him is we have to fax him our orders. Seriously? We're at an airport! The nice lady at the counter faxes them for us (reminder: it is now 6:15am, our flight leaves at 7:45). 10min later we call back, put on hold AGAIN... after talking to another lady they tell us there is nothing they can do for us, at 7am. Excuse me?! PS: as we're standing off to the side the ENTIRE University of Maryland competitive cheer team is surrounding us and is checked in before we're off the phone with SATO.

We call his CO, they call admin, who calls SATO & I assume rips them a new one... SATO calls me back, a new guy, he's very nice... gives me info for another flight with Continental at 10:35am. Hubby passes the flight info along to the respective people... and we wait, and wait, and eat some dunkin' donuts, and wait some more. Come 9:45am I'm pissed... I am about to call SATO back (hubby is on the phone with his CO -again) when the lady at the counter yells out our last name. Thank you Lord!

So we get to the gate for our tiny hopper flight to Jersey - DELAYED. I'm about in tears at this point, I'd been awake for nearly 6hrs already and completely stressed. We get on this tiny plane with 16 other people and finally taxi out, 20min late. WORST FLIGHT EVER... my husband does not get motion sick, he was SICK by the time we landed. (I do, so you can imagine). Luckily the gate we needed to be at was directly across the terminal and that flight was also delayed.

Once we finally boarded our flight (now 40min past the original departure time) the tow bar snapped in two as we were being pushed back by the small truck..... We sat on the tarmac for 20min...

The flight, despite being 10.5hrs, wasn't too bad... I watched movies, read, played my DS, people watched, did some stretches & laps... the food was sad & way too expensive, and the bathrooms breaking with 2hrs left sucked! I can't believe I never fell asleep... I was so tired. We landed, picked up our rental car, got to base, and checked into our room at 10:45pm which with the time zone changes was a full 24hrs from the time we'd woken up.


Today hubby did some of the check-in process and we went to the port to pick up his truck & return the rental. We visited a friend from our last base... but it kind of depressed me. They got here last year and her husband began training right away then deployed... now she's being told he will come back and get maybe 4-5mo together (minus field training) and he will deploy again for up to 13mo! I'm not looking forward to being alone that often... also the housing market is terrible, there are too many people and not enough room! We won't get a house on base we've moved to 475th on the list now... people with kids keep showing up. Rentals around here are far and few... and the ones that do pop up go quickly or are crappy/too expensive. The lodge can't keep us in the same room until April 11th... so here's to bed hopping & suitcase living for the next 3 nights...

I need to be positive.
I need to trust in God.
I'm trying.

Any of you have ridiculous PCS stories?
I think you should share them...


  1. If you'd like a break you can always hit me up to hang out during the day while your hubby is busy! I'm at the museum Tues-Thurs and I do have plans tomorrow =P but other than that, please let me know! If nothing else, you can get out of the hotel for a while.

  2. I can't believe all that you've been through! Just hang in there, and I'm sure you'll find a good place to live. I'lll be thinking of you!

  3. O.M.G. Craziness! Crazy! Our PCS stories always involve through the night driving followed by a visit to a local emergency vet. Pretty calm stuff.

  4. Praying for you, T! I know you know God is in control, and something stable will land in your lap~I just know it. Just in case... We have some wonderful family friends who live nearby. They're empty nesters and would possibly rent a room or two to you guys. If you're interested, please let me know. It's at least be a consistent bed every night!

  5. Yikes what a trip you had! I'm so glad you finally made it there, and I'm sending good thoughts that your housing situation gets worked out sooner rather than later. I know it isn't the funnest right now, but I have to admit I'm so impressed with all you've gone through and kept a positive attitude about it. A lot of people wouldn't be able to, so you should be proud of how well you're handling everything! :)


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