Thursday, April 21, 2011

Peeps & Co.

When we lived in Maryland we were fortunate enough to visit the Peeps & Co. Store a few times, it's the only store of it's kind around the world!

The last time we were there was with my sister in-law and our 2yr old nephew, we bought him one of these super cute keychains:Then we bought ourselves some cute peeps plushies (1 bunny, 1 chick) to decorate around Easter time, unfortunately they are sitting in a box somewhere with the rest of our household goods, but aren't they cute?This post is in no way sponsored by the Just Born company, I am simply a fan of peeps... I also love the following saying very much, because we truly are all the same on the inside. People are people. =)

If you don't live in the MD/VA/DC area and want some "peep-goodness" in your life, you can check out the online version of the Peeps & Co. Store here... =)

....hmmmm... maybe I need to make a exchange/commissary run for some dark chocolate covered peeps.... so good!

Peep fan?
Peep hater?

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  1. I cannot believe I live basically across the river from that store and still have yet to go. Soon. I need to!

    I only eat peeps if I microwave them first, they blow up huge and are just awesome.


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