Friday, April 29, 2011

Skinnie Secrets #1 - Big Decisions

Secret #1

Big decisions are not my thing. And by not my thing, I mean I avoid them at all costs. In all honesty, they physically make me sick*. This is not a great characteristic to have as a military wife... but I have it, and manage (more or less).

I've been car-less since 2wks before we actually PCSed here, and my time at home I had to borrow my parents' car, to say my freedom of getting places has been small is an understatement. So... I purchased a used car. Without my father. Which is a HUGE thing for me. For my prior cars he was my go-to guy, he went with me, test drove it (even though I did too), checked everything under the hood, etc. But, now he's an ocean away...

I'm praying I didn't mess up.

Oh... yeah... it's a VW Passat, and if you didn't know (I didn't) you're suppose to use premium unleaded fuel, sigh, didn't think to ask about that. At least premium fuel on base is the same as regular unleaded off base.

*It's bad... ranges from not sleeping, stomach problems (involving diarrhea/throwing up), elevated heart rate, excessive sweating ...sorry for the TMI, but... does this happen to any of you?


  1. It happens to me! Decisions (and high stress situations) physically and horribly mess with me :(

    I hope the car runs well and that it all works out!

  2. I have a VW Passat and I absolutely LOVE it. I've had it for almost 6 years and have never had any major problems with it (knock on wood). They're very safe cars, have great ratings, comfortable to drive and to ride in...and I love the way they look. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I love mine!!

    I'm a newish follower :)

  3. For really huge decisions and really stressful situations I tend to feel the exact same way as you. It sucks but you seem to manage it pretty well! And congrats on getting the car by yourself! That's a big accomplishment, something that I have yet to deal with. :)

  4. I get the major runs whenever I have a big choice to make! And my daddy is my go-to guy for my car buying too... in fact, I even have his name on the title of this car I bought during the deployment :-( lol


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