Monday, May 2, 2011

Celebrating Death?

I’ve never wished a man dead,
but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.

- Mark Twain

I've seen pictures posted by my friends in MD, DC, and the Naval Academy... saw some images from the White House Lawn & Ground Zero. People are celebrating... partying... for lack of better words over the death of one man. A man. I am glad he is no longer in power, but I will not celebrate his death as much as I may want to, it makes us no different than them... celebrating the death of Americans. I understand those directly affected (9/11, war widows, etc.) but the overall party and ridiculous statements such as "And that's how the USA outdoes a Royal Wedding." Kinda make me sick. How pompous can Americans be?

I wish I could believe that him being out of the picture would change things, but I honestly don't see how. History continues to repeat itself (Hitler, Stalin, Hirohito, Castro, Hussein, Chavez, etc.) there is always another to take the "empty" place of "leader."

All I can do is continue to pray, knowing God has it all in His hands. It's a very uncertain time for those of us within the military community- what's the next step? Stay or go? Please don't forget our men & women still over there, still fighting to keep us safe...

As a Christian this was a good article to come across after seeing many people (esp. fellow Christians *sigh*) ripping those apart for being happy that he has died: "Response to Bin Laden's Death" ...this one isn't Christian, but about true patriotism: "Bin Laden's Death & the Meaning of American Patriotism"


  1. Thank you! I am more worried over the backlash than "happy" he is dead. For all the evil one person could contain, he was still a human being. Death should never be celebrated, rather a igh of relief should come that he is no longe able to hurt others. He is in God's hands now.

  2. It's so great hearing someone else understanding that celebrating his death is awful.


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