Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spam Jam!

So... my husband has this thing for Spam, yeah... the "meat" that comes in a can...

I have tried it with rice before, but honestly my original thoughts on the matter were much like Steve's from Hawaii Five-O:

Steve: Okay, so everything you're gonna cook for me this week is gonna have Spam in it?
Kamekona: Of course. It's Hawaiian steak. The nectar of the islands.
Steve: Do you know what's in Spam? Okay, I'll tell you. It's processed pork parts, salt, and meat stock.
Kamekona: That's what give 'em the glaze. Taste.
Steve: I don't wanna taste!

Well Saturday was the 9th Annual Spam Jam, so of course we attended!

After the festival I can say when made "correctly" (as if there is a correct way to cooked processed meat in a can) it tastes alright. I ate Spam Wontons & Spam Lettuce Wraps. Hubby was in heaven and managed to chow down some Spam Sliders as well... one of the vendors even said "You local boy, ya?" Hawaiian's say "ya" a lot...

Me & "Spam Man"
Spam Can decor along a restaurant booth.
Not sure how I feel about these...

It was a fun Saturday afternoon/evening... lots of restaurant vendors, local artists, local musicians and hula groups, and of course- Spam souvenirs.


  1.! I have never tried SPAM actually. Hm. Maybe I should?

  2. My dad loves spam. NO ONE ELSE DOES. I used to have "spam statue" contest in my youth group. Blehhh BUT, to each their own. =)

    I love the Joshua 1:9, one of my favorites! I'm a new follower--would appreciate a follow back! (even though I am an ARMY wife, not USMC wife *wink wink*)

  3. Man I am no lover of spam but that is crazy!!


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