Friday, May 13, 2011

Workouts & Blogger Malfunctions

I was right about my legs feeling like jello on Wednesday, I did an upper body work-out to let them have a day off. Yesterday they still ached but I repeated the "100 workout" and guess what- I FINISHED IT, including the 10min run! I hate running... with a passion. The only time running was ever okay was for soccer... believe it or not I used to run 6mi three times a week, not including the running during the game. I used to be in stellar shape.

I cannot wait until we find a place to live... I'll get my hockey skates, longboard, & snorkeling gear back. My husband recently bought hockey skates as well and is contemplating a longboard purchase. It will be so fun to cruise around town with him, especially not having to drive and saving gas. We both want to try SUP (stand up paddling) and surfing soon, then we will determine which one we would rather have. A bicycle may be in the works as well... I seriously need to find a job, after the house, haha...

Dream jobs for my time here:
  • Event planner for a community or club
  • Deckhand on a snorkeling cruise
  • Outdoor recreation guide
  • Golf cart beverage driver

On an unrelated note: what a "Blogger Bummer" lately. I completely understand updates, etc. but a couple of my post disappeared for both days and all of your blogs are completely jumbled in my reader- like one posted on Sunday is next to another posted just 2hrs ago. Hopefully they'll get it all worked out soon =) In the meantime, looks like I'm scrolling through and attempting to read the new ones! If you ever want to know what's going I'd recommend bookmarking Blogger Status & Known Issues.

Hope you all have a great Friday!!!

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  1. staying in that hotel sounds terrible! i really hope you get housing soon!


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