Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Send Spring Announcements with Shutterfly!

I know there is still snow in some parts of the country, fortunately for us it's pretty much Spring/Summer weather all year long! I personally have a love/hate relationship with the month of May. Why? Well, there's-
  1. My mom's birthday
  2. Mother's day (x2 now that I'm married!)
  3. Both of our parents anniversary's
  4. Graduation announcements
  5. Wedding announcements
Then June pops in and you have Father's day. I don't hate any of these events, I love them! Giving is such a joyful thing for me. Unfortunately, it takes planning/budgeting much like for Christmas and getting things in the mail on time! Luckily it falls in the middle of the year spacing the two out.

Shutterfly is doing an amazing Spring Promotion for bloggers... 50 free cards just for signing up! I think they would make wonderful wedding invites, birthday cards/party announcements, and for all of you who are or know someone graduating high school or college these could be perfect for you. Pregnant or had a baby recently? Baby shower invites or announcements, I mean just think of all the possibilities these could be used for!

Personally I think we'll use them for our "we've moved, this is our new address!" cards, or something like that...

Happy Spring & Free Cards!

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