Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm calling YOU out, yes... YOU!

My blog is getting approximately 50-75 views per day, which is cool... but on the comment front, there are 0-2 per entry. Talk about sad! Am I seriously that boring? There are {supposedly} 152 people who follow this blog and those of you who stumble upon it either from google or other milspouse blogs... yet you read, then leave. Now, don't get me wrong... I am a failed follower at times too, I should comment but can't think of anything brilliant to say. I think that's the problem, what we comment doesn't have to be brilliant- it just has to let the writer know we're there, agree, understand, disagree, have a question, etc.

So ladies... I want questions... anything & everything, military related or not. I'll compile a list and blog about them in the near future. This blog isn't really for me, I have a personal one that only my family/friends see. I wanted this blog to be about connecting with other milSpouses...



  1. What's your favorite and least favorite thing about being a milspouse (and not deployment!)?

    Also, how do you go about finding a church when you get to a new duty station?

  2. Blogger for a while was only letting me comment as anonymous, so I wasn't commenting on ANYONE, and felt awful about it. I am one of the bloggers who kind of feels like if I don't have anything witty or brilliant to say, or something that has not already been said, then I just read and leave :(

    I must say though- I agree with the church question. I found ours because of proximity: first there was one right around the corner, and then the second move there was only one in town. I'm curius to know how seasoned mil spouses find them, or if I'm doing the sme as everyone else.

    As I prepare for our Navy Homecoming, I guess I would ask if you have any homecoming traditions/fun things you do with your spouse to ease back into him being home? If so, what? We're just planning a fun wekend away a.k.a. our "Homecoming Honeymoon", but how do you go through the change of having someone back home?

    I'll think of more later maybe and come back. I can't wait to see what all you get and the answers.

    I am the same way though: about 160 followers, a good deal of page hits, and not many commenters.

  3. Commenting! but unfortunately, no questions! just like hearing your stories :)

  4. I know! Seeing how many hits my blog may get and having zero feedback makes me sad. Haha.

    What is the craziest dream you ever had?
    Dream vacation? (budgetless!)
    If you had to turn into an exotic animal for the day, what would you become?
    What is the best thing about being a military spouse? ... besides your spouse of course!

  5. I have the same situation- but probably because I haven't quite found my "niche" yet. You have one and your blog will get there! This blogging business is not for the faint at can be exhausting! Keep up the honesty (and the humor)! xx, MademoiselleMichael


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