Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Alone but Not?

It's one thing to do everything by yourself when your husband is deployed, TAD, or TDY... you have to, you get over it, you get it done.

But I'm sick of handling everything alone while he's here.
The command had him running from day #1.

I deal with TLA,
I deal with housing,
I bought my own car,
I am having to find a house,
I have to figure out the lease.

He'll be on the range for the next couple of weeks so... I'll get to figure out TMO (which is now called DMO?) once I finalize a lease.

Oh, and Memorial Day weekend... that glorious 72 or 96-
None existent... because guess who got put in charge of color-guard and has FOUR ceremonies that weekend? Yeah, my husband.

What the crap?

Do you ever feel like our job is to keep everything else going?

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