Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Hotel Life

Some people dream of living in a hotel... I am not one of them. Well... maybe living in a 5-star beach-front resort suite wouldn't be so bad, but a regular hotel room... not so much.


  • First and foremost- we have a place to sleep!
  • The king size bed is a foreign concept (we have a queen)
  • No taking out the trash, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning toilets, sinks, showers... Julie (yeah, we've been here that long) our housekeeper does it all!
  • Free internet & cable TV
  • Free breakfast (when I managed to crawl out of bed between the hours of 6:30 & 8:30)
  • We can walk to the Marine Mart & Subway and only have a 5min drive to the commissary, exchange, or beach.
  • The kitchenette is just that... emphasis on the ette... we have a fridge, toaster, microwave, & coffee pot. They provided 4 bowls, plates, cups, and sets of silverware. 1 knife, can opener, wine opener, and cutting board. Lets just say making dinner can be quite interesting... it's hard to eat really healthy when the microwave is your main source of cooking...
  • Having to use the laundromat... which no one seems to have the decency to time their laundry. I'm so annoyed with how many times I've gone in there and all of the washing machines & dryers are full of clothes ready to be put in the dryer and ready to be taken home.
  • Privacy, this is a biggie. Maybe not for us, we're really careful about how loud we are in respect for others. Let me just say, with the number of "neighbors" we've gone through (being a hotel and all) none seem to have a mutual respect. First let me say the wall we share is the one the bed is on, so I would assume headboard to headboard. The TV is along the outer wall along with the kitchen and the bathroom finishes off the shared wall.
    >One guy, we could tell EVERY movie he was watching just by listening to the dialogue while laying in bed.
    >One girl would blast her ipod so loud I could hear it while in the kitchen making dinner... not to mention her singing along.
    >One couple was ridiculous, we could hear their entire conversation... ENTIRE conversations from anywhere in our room.
    >I swear this one guy could sleep through ANYTHING, his cell alarm must have gone off for 15min straight, at 4:30am, before we called the front desk to call him (we heard that phone ring too).
    >The worst though... is, well, anytime there's an "intimate moment"... we've had screamers, grunters, and "oh baby-more!'s" it's quite disturbing... I mean I know it's a natural thing between those in love. But, really I don't want all of the neighbors in this quad of hotel rooms to hear me and my husband making love, would you?

    The wall probably isn't that thick, it's definitely not cement or anything. My guess wood/drywall, but it is weird when I can hear them start their microwave or turn on the fan in the bathroom.

Maybe I should get used to these types of things though- we think we're going to get stuck living in an apartment...

Lots of things have happened recently- the biggest being a realtor flat out refusing to rent to us because we require a military clause (which is illegal by the way!), we didn't have time to fight it though because we thought we were getting the house and stopped looking at others, so we needed to look at 6 other houses in 3 days.

Hoping things change soon...


  1. when i was younger my family and i had to live in a hotel. my dad's office was even in the hotel (fyi, he's not in the hotel business). it wasn't bad, i was also a lot younger, but i remember my mom being very fustrated because she didn't have our things and didn't feel like a hotel was a home. eventually, we did move into a house.

    g'luck with the house search!

  2. Oh man your kitchenette was better than ours! We had a coffee pot and a fridge... that was it! No utensils or anything. And the sink was in the bathroom lol. And I know for sure that was a cockroach that the cat chased across the floor that first night...
    Thankfully we did not hear any love making noises! Lots of dogs barking though.

    That sucks on the house. We did get the house we had first chosen, and they did allow a military claus but they were NOT happy about it. But when we came to move in the house was FILTHY. I was furious. We paid a $800 deposit for damage and cleaning needed to be done when we move out... so why did they not use the past renters deposit to clean it for us?! I better get my deposit back when we move out.

    Hope you find something soon!


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