Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vidrio del Playa

In the previous post, there is a picture of me at the beach towards the end... these are my "treasures" from that day:

My love for glass in general has been around for a long time. I used to get into trouble for sneaking into my grandpa's stained glass studio with flip-flops on... in retrospect that was an extremely foolish thing to do. In high school I was fortunate enough to take two stained glass classes before the funding for the program was cut. From there I bought my own supplies and sometimes my grandpa would mail me glass.

My love for sea glass came in 2006 on a family trip to Cabo San Lucas... we found this local beach (seriously- we were the ONLY white people there) with beautiful large grain sand and glittering colors. The colors turned out to be "vidrio del playa" or beach glass...and for me, a literal trash turned into treasure. I was hooked! When I wasn't snorkeling, I was scavenging. My dad & sister would join in and I took home 2lbs in my carry-on!

I've made many things over the years-mosaic, stained glass, even some jewelry. My parent's house is full of it, and throughout college I would sell pieces at art shows/flea markets. It was fun, then my senior year of college hit... internship, engagement, graduation, wedding, moving across the country, then a townhouse with no place to cut/break glass safely (all carpet).

Once we get a house I'm hoping this changes... I miss working with my hands, even occasionally bleeding, to make something beautiful. For now these pretties will sit in my hand crafted Philippines bowl that is seriously smooth as butter... I couldn't resist buying it, although the fact that it was $2.59 didn't help turn me away either!

Do you have any "forgotten" passions?
Or, just something you love to collect?

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