Monday, April 11, 2011

Never Alone

I'm pretty sure I'm one of the last people in the group of MilSpouse Blogs that I follow to read Jessica's Goodbye Letter... but, it doesn't change how gut wrenching it was to read. How helpless I feel... hoping and praying that someone is there with her. Family, friend, heck- even a Good Samaritan at this point. [It has been said by a local MP that she is currently in the hospital].

I pray everyday that I will never reach that point. I know my family loves me and will be there for me, support me, assist me in anything. I also know I have a select number of friends who would do the same. Most of all God is there- to those of you who don't believe in God- I'm sorry.

Music has always spoken to me... here are some of my favorite songs on the subject:

"Never Alone" - Lady Antebellum

"Never Alone" - Barlow Girl

First of all... please take notice of the people around you! Be there for them, be real, don't put on a show. This is part of the reason large groups of women annoy me... usually it comes down to a competition, sadly enough even more so in the military community. To the women who use their husband's rank to make themselves feel better, or believe they are superior because their husband has been deployed X number of times, on & on... give it up. We're all people, we're all saying goodbye to loved ones at some point, and we all have to figure out how to live alone, then figure out how to make it "home" again once they return.


Don't let anyone "slip through the cracks."

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I know that everyone else has offered their "listening ear" but please know I am available as well, esp. if it seems easier to be "anonymous"... skinniepiggie{at}gmail{dot}com.

My prayers are with you all...


  1. Hope you both are doing okay out there. sorry we didn't get to see each other before you left. loove these songs. <3

  2. Oh... her husband was right with mine. Same exact unit. I am only starting to read it now, so I am behind you on this one.


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