Saturday, June 20, 2009

DIY "Self-Help Kit"

My friend Heather will be leaving for the Dominican Republic this Monday for a 2yr teaching position with New Horizons Youth Ministry. It will be a rough start, she will be moving away from everyone she knows, and everything she is accustomed to, in order to work with a bunch of troubled teens in a completely different country, I wanted to give her a small gift to brighten her days when she is feeling down. I ran across a "self-help kit" my grandma had given me as I entered High School (pictured below-top left) and decided to improve upon that.

What you will need:
  • Ziploc snack sized baggie (I used Ziploc Brand, snack size, 6.5in by 3.25in)
  • Card stock paper (for the free pattern)
  • printer
  • stapler- to attach top
  • eraser
  • penny
  • marble
  • rubber band
  • ribbon
  • match
  • paperclip
  • stick of gum
  • mini-drink umbrella
  • pom-pom
Below you will find the free download:
  1. Click on the image above
  2. Select "File" then "Print"
  3. This image is the correct size for a baggie 6.5in in length, if it does not print that size go to "Print Preview" and make sure the image scale is at 100% not "Shrink to Fit." You can also change the page layout from "Portrait" to "Landscape."
Enjoy your self-help kits! They make a great pick-me-up gift for anyone feeling down!

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