Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Event Review: Gaylord National's "Christmas on the Potomac"

So it's been quite awhile since I posted (before the i faces challenge), things have been a bit crazy around here for my little family... we attended two Christmas parties, Christmas Eve service at church, had a webcam date with the family on Christmas. We also attended Gaylord National's "Christmas on the Potomac," The ICE! attraction was simply amazing!

Check out this promo video:

I highly recommend anyone in the DC area to scrounge for tickets... it is so worth it! Once you arrive and are standing in line to receive your parka (believe me, you need it, inside it's 9*!) it's much like a theme park ride. There are promo videos playing, and cute little areas to take group photos.

Then... you step through the doors, and instantly enter a true winter wonderland... Here are some of my photos:

[As always click on any image to view in larger size]

Seriously... try to find tickets, you have 4 days left, good luck! =)

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