Friday, February 19, 2010

Walls of snow, 4 adults, 1 little (3yr old), & 2 piggies...

Alright, so it's been far too long since I've posted... let me give you the down low on the past two weeks:

When I posted on the 8th, we were snowed in... we had gone to our friends house for the Superbowl which happened to be a very bad idea driving-wise, somehow we managed to make it there and home safely. I don't know what snow plowers thought when they were "plowing" but it's like they didn't care! There were spots on the road covered with up to a foot of snow still, and then plowing to the curb? Who does that... every street, EVEN the highways & freeways (if you could even get on them) were one lane, ONE lane.

At any rate... our friends that went with us to the Superbowl party... well we stopped by their house so they could grab essentials (clothes/toiletries) and then brought them to our home for the week. Their power was out and cars completely snowed in the parking area. So began the adventure of four adults and two piggies snowed into one little townhouse. Luckily we had planned ahead and bought bread, eggs, milk, etc... Each night was game night, we often were up until 1-4am playing board games or video games, it didn't really matter when we slept, but when we did it was almost in hibernation mode... not kidding- 10-12hrs. We were lazy! But, what else were we going to do? You can only play in snow so much, and nothing else was open...

By day 4 we were restless, and my friend really wanted to see her son (she had missed 3 days of having him with her) so... the men dug out a 4x4 truck and off they went to pick up the missing link in this posts title... the little. While they did that, I carefully took my hubby's SUV down to the local $ store praying it was open... thank goodness it was, but man was that check-out line LOOOONG. Anyway, I grabbed a few snack food items to add to our weight gain (the news is affectionately calling it "Blizzard Belly") and then a bucket which I just filled with toys, crayons, and coloring books to keep a 3yr old entertained. (if you haven't guessed, I don't have any children... her son's toys were snowed in at her home... and his father would only send him with his favorite three).

We finally got our home back to ourselves on Valentine's Day... not that I didn't like having people over to pass the time, you just know how that goes. Your house, your rules, a place for things to be put away, etc. Back to Valentine's day, hubby and I went to church and heard a great sermon, then we enjoyed Panera Bread for lunch, exchanged gifts, and rested/cleaned that afternoon. For dinner we decided against going out to fight the snow traffic/people, but it was great! Together we made bacon wrapped beef filets, sweet & peppered corn on the cob, garlic mashed potatoes, and caeser salad. MmmmMmmm... not to mention he loved using his new charcoal grill =)

Here's my gift, which I've wanted for awhile... ...oh Swarovski *swoon* =)

This week we've been recovering, the plower's finally got snow off the majority of the roads, work places and schools have begun to open, and life is getting back to normal. Cross your fingers we don't get two blizzards in one week again!!

I'll be doing regular posts again next week.

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