Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring/Easter Tablescape Entry

Michelle over at Maddycakes Muse is hosting an amazing Easter Tablescape Contest... and when I mean amazing, let me tell you... the prizes are huge, the judges- some of the biggest party/event design bloggers in the business! I know I am way out of my league on this one, but I figured it would be fun to try.

After getting married this past October, I moved across the country (life of a military wife) and left almost everything behind. So being here has given me the opportunity to start new, but currently not having job means being very frugal. Who says you can't throw a party on a budget, not me!

I apologize for the pictures, it was a cloudy-gloomy day and I went back and forth between natural lighting and closed blinds, etc. Please click on the photos to view them in higher resolution, they will open in a new page which you can simply close to return to this post. After the pictures I'll do a budget run-down...

Entry: Bright & Simple Easter Tablescape.
By: Taylor @ Skinnie Piggie

Hovering view of the whole (tiny, haha...) table.

Egg ribbon on back of each chair. Hanging plastic eggs with matching thread. Jumping baby chick table decoration. Candle amidst jellybeans-centerpiece.

Top view of tablescape. Yellow iridescent ribbon holding silverware together. Scrapbooking letters on plate displaying guests name. Lime green votive.

Whole view of jellybean centerpiece. Side view of entire tablescape. Close-up of green votive. Another view of the little chick.

Sample of place settings... scrapbook paper place-mats, the plastic egg would be filled with the party favor, maybe a candy or two and a cute Victoria's Secret or Bath & Body Works mini hand sanitizer.

Entire table, that darn snow is so reflecting!

...but I did enjoy the natural light for all the close-up shots, here is the table with the blinds closed.

So did you like it? I enjoy bright colors and fun little touches.

As promised, the budget run-down:
  • Candy-dish for jelly-beans - free (wedding gift)
  • Dishes & Silverware - free (wedding gift)
  • Scrapbook sheets - free (had them for awhile now)
  • Scrapbook Letters - free (had them for awhile now)
  • 1 Spool, Easter Egg Ribbon - $1.00 (DollarTree)
  • 1 Pack, 18 Assorted Plastic Easter Eggs - $1.00 (DollarTree)
  • 2 Wind-up chicks - $2.00 (DollarTree)
  • 2 Bags Assorted Jellybeans- $2.00 (DollarTree)
  • 1 Pink Spring Candle - $1.00 (DollarTree)
  • 6 Pack, White Votive Candles - $1.00 (DollarTree)
  • 1 Pack Easter Egg Napkins - $1.00 (DollarTree)
  • 1 Sewing Kit - $1.00 (DollarTree)
  • 1 Spool, Yellow Iridescent Ribbon - $.50 (Goodwill)
  • 2 Lime Green Glass Votives - $2.00 (Goodwill)
Total Cost to me: $12.50!

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  1. Very cute Eastery and joyful looking! I like how yo put the names on the plates and hung the eggs!


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