Friday, April 20, 2012

Break Over? Maybe.

I stopped blogging because it just would have been downhill and depressing for you all. I needed to step back a bit from the military community... blogging was a big part. Sometimes reading about others situations, feelings, etc. just pissed me off, made me want to jump on a plane to help out, or confused the heck out of me. I already live on base, I already deal with ladies in the unit who complain that they didn't hear from their husband twice in one day when I'm here sitting on my hands just praying for an e-mail once a week to let me know he's safe. This deployment is crazy with the different team sites and communication available to certain groups and complete lack of to others. I wish we were all on the same level... that way things wouldn't be so annoying. It's not that I NEED to hear from him, I just don't NEED to hear about the people who talk to their husbands for 3hrs+ a day! Cuh-razy! So I stepped away from unit functions- and that's hard, I like being there for the ladies and we have some really awesome ones that aren't drama filled just enjoy talking about their husbands, I don't think they realize a lot of us don't get the communication they do. We also lost our FRO 1.5mo into the deployment so the next-to-no-information went to absolutely-no-information-whatsoever. A new one was recently hired and we should be having an informal breakfast within the next 2wks to meet her.

Since I left you all (minus the giveaway/call out for donations), in no particular order:
  • We hit the 4mo+ mark into this deployment
  • I started my God Strong book study for ladies with deployed husbands
  • I chopped 9.5in of hair off and donated to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths
  • Moku is 3mo old and getting huge!
  • Took photos at two Army homecomings (way cool!) +I love daddy photos
  • I am in the process of making my photography/marketing hobby into a registered business
  • I've been enjoying the NHL play-offs, hockey every night! (Lets Go Yotes!)
  • Hanging out at the beach
  • Made $80 at a joint yard sale
  • BBQs
  • "Family" dinner nights (aka- potluck)
  • Hosted Easter Brunch for 14 people including an egg hunt for the kiddos
  • Volunteered for Compassion Weekend at my church
  • Went to a hands-on art festival
  • Collected clothing for the Women's Rehab Center
  • Crafting - felt hair accessories & glass mosaics
  • ...and more...
 I think sometimes stepping away is a good thing. I don't think we realize how much TIME things like blogging, facebook, pinterest, etc. take out of our lives... I don't want to look back and remember sitting on my butt behind a computer, I want to look back and remember LIVING. I'm not sure how regular my posts will be from here on out... but if interesting things happen, I'll share with you all. I am also thinking about doing a "Local Hits Package Swap" if I get enough interest... basically, wherever you are currently stationed you would make a package with location specific items. Since I'm in Hawaii whoever I was partnered with could probably expect- macadamia nuts, local bath and body products, dried pineapple, Hawaiian music, etc. Would you be interested in this? If so, please leave a comment saying so!

I hope you are all doing well, 


  1. I'd definitely be in on a package swap! I love sharing parts of Japan with as many people as possible!!!

  2. It's good to see you blogging again. Just the other day, I was thinking about you, and wondering how things were going. I understand the need to step back and LIVE - it's way more important :)

    I'd be interested in a package swap, depending on timing!

  3. A package swap sounds fun!

    Sometimes stepping back is needed...glad you were able to do that!

  4. Our first and second deployment there was absolutely no talking to Gene and very few e-mails. He had a job to do and that didn't involve talking to me. It broke my heart everytime a completely loving woman would just off and boast about it. I knew she didn't mean to, but it sure felt like she was rubbing it into my face. I know all to well how that feels. Stepping back is a good thing. I find I'm so out of the loop because I'm not on FB all day or twitter. When I log on there seems to be a thousand new things going on with people. I prefer getting together with people though and am more thrilled to be building real relationships with people than awkward on-line ones!

    Glad to see an update from you!

    PS: I'll represent SoCal in your package swap! Sounds uber fun!

  5. Package swap sounds intriguing! I can represent WA! I too have stepped back some & have been enjoying the sushine we so rarely get in WA. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. We missed you! :) I'm glad you had some moments to breathe and step away. I want hair pictures- that's so cool that you did that!

  7. There you are!! We still need to get together woman! :)

  8. Sign me up-I'll out a stuffed crab and some Old Bay in the box lol

  9. Glad to see you're blogging! I'm catching up post PCS finally. I want to see the hair pictures too! I donated mine before and it's such a great feeling. I'd probably be up for a package swap too. Thinking of you!

  10. Do you do homecomings despite how hard they might be,,,?


I love hearing from you all! =)