Friday, April 27, 2012


Any Hawaii Five-0 fans? I started watching before we even moved here... I love the show! So when I found out that Taylor Wiley (Kamekona) was going to be at our base's Earth Day Expo, I figured "why not meander down there and see how long the line is?"

It wasn't long at all, I waited maybe 15min. Sadly, his "handlers" (not sure what to call them) wouldn't let me just get a photo, I had to buy something from his merchandise rack for him to autograph- so I grabbed a cheap little "Shrimpin' Hawaii" backpack. I could honestly care less about the autograph, maybe I'll sell it on eBay?! Haha. As far as Taylor goes- he is a really laid back/chill guy. So, there's my "I met someone on TV" moment... haha.


  1. I have not met anyone you would recognize even should they sit next to you and introduce themselves to you! lol I was privileged to speak with Gong Li, a Chinese actress. It is possible you would recognize her from "Memoirs of a Geisha."

    1. She's really pretty, she's been in quite a few movies!

  2. That's so awesome. I love Hawaii 5-0.

  3. Yay for meeting famous people!! And... you cut your hair!!! :)

  4. Very cool! I love that show! He was also in Forgetting Sarah Marshall with is one of my favorite movies. :)


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