Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The breakdown.

I made it through...
  • AT&T shuting off my texting plan when they turned off my husband's service
  • The cable company  de-activating and un-registering our cable convertor box
  • The truck's battery dying causing the security system to over-ride the keys and having to have the dealership reset the system and replace the battery
  • My wine opener attacked me and gashed my finger open 
  • The car (that we aren't keeping) needed $620 worth of new tires and brake fluid flushing/repair.
  • Burning my arm on the pizza pan (gonna have a nice little scar)
  • Dislocating my pinky toe not once but three times in 2 days!
But today... today, was my breakdown point in this deployment. Thankfully my dad is in town and he dealt with the tears and frustration. Let's put it this way- I am seriously wishing we had paid the $2000.00 to ship my Mazda here. It would have saved me many tears, headaches, and money. Hoping the repairs that were done today actually fix the issues on my island car... stupid island car... I want my Mazda 3 back =(


  1. I'm sorry! This deployment has sucked for me too. All this crap just keeps happening. Most of it would be no big deal if he was here, but since he isn't here, it's a huge deal and tears are always involved. Chin up!

  2. So sorry about all those things. Praying for you.

  3. Cars are such a pain in the rear. When we were first married and someone broke into Nate's car, it cost us over 2K to fix out of pocket on a car barely worth 3K. It is so MADDENING to flush that money down the drain. BOOOO. Hoping things start to go better for you : )

  4. I'm sorry you're having such a rough time :( hopefully you have smooth sailing from here on out!

  5. It does seem like all bad things happen doesn't it but good news is you got through it all :) I hope the rest of your week goes smoothly!

  6. Aww I'm sorry you've had such a bad 3 days! Stupid island car! I wish I would have known you before you got here-- then I would have advised you to pay the 2K for your car because you get it back on the next years taxes! It's considered an out of pocket travel expense :)
    I hope the rest of your week goes better!

  7. Deployments always mean one thing to me= BAD LUCK! I feel your pain ans I hand washed dishes for the past month. I finally broke down & had my dishwasher fixed today. I hope things turn around soon for you.

  8. Good grief lady! I want to give you a hug. I hope everything gets better for you- you deserve it after all that!

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