Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tear drops on my pillowcase

I'm laying in bed (beauty of technology right-blogging via my phone) surrounded by tear drops on my pillowcase and wet cheeks. I followed the advice of my friends to not see the movie "Act of Valor" without my husband, especially not while he is deployed. Which is fine with me considering I know he is going to want to see it anyway... I also enjoy reading books prior to seeing the movie. So when Target had the book on special during opening week I bought it. I didn't start reading it until two days ago... Then I couldn't put it down.

And now here I am. Wondering how I was privileged, honored, dare I say blessed to marry a man so much like the Boss & Chief. To marry a warrior. I just pray I am as strong, independent, and tough as Julia & Jackie... Wow.

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