Thursday, August 9, 2012

Up and broke myself...

Okay so I didn't "break" anything... but I did manage a major strain/minor tear my pectoral muscle, let me tell you friends, it is no fun.

How did I do it? Some combination of me "pushing thru the pain" while doing my cardio yoga workouts and weight training sets, followed up by stand up paddle boarding and surfing. In the words of the doctor: "you just can't do it all at once!" (aka: you are no longer a teenager and your body is not invincible!).

Now I'm in a sling for 2wks until my follow-up appointment, then no upper body work for a month following that. I'm definitely going to need to hit up the gym for the stationary bike and stair climber since I can't run outside (too much jarring) to keep up with cardio...

I'm praying it heals quickly but most importantly, correctly so I can start re-building my strength! My little piggie decided he wanted to wiggle his way into my sling which was quite interesting to watch since he now weighs 2lbs and is 1ft long when he stretches out:
Look at that cute little nose!

I think the biggest blow was the fact I can't use my DSLR, so my budding photography business seems to have been put on the back burner. I'm choosing to remain positive- working on finalizing contracts & finding a suitable web host/domain. 

What is the most recent injury you've had?
What did you do to keep your spirits up?
Recovery tips?


  1. I have plenty of experience in this department! I've never broken anything, but I have done a lot of spraining, twisting, and tearing. The worse? Getting a slight tear in my achillies that was inoperable, and the silliest? Jamming up my thumb during volleyball. I've always been an athlete and that's what keeps me going. The thoughts that I WILL heal and my body will go back to performing at it's best, or near best. I'm not sure how you can recover from a pectoral muscle, but after the follow up, if it's ok to, stretch it A LOT! Also, make sure you work on strengthening that muscle and those around it...some weights just might be what you need to avoid it again.

    p.s. sorry for writing you a novel!

  2. Ah, how sad!! Hope you recover quickly!

  3. I have been so out of touch with you blog that I didn't even know you got a new g-pig! CUTE! :D

  4. Oh no, that's terrible! Wishing you a healthy (& quick!) recovery! Way to focus on the paperwork side of your photo biz until you can get back to shooting!

  5. OUCH! Hopefully these 2 weeks will go bye fast for you.


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