Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Teeny Tiny Pineapple...

Pineapple plants are suppose to grow to the height of 2ft.
They are suppose to take 18-24mo to flower and produce fruit.

Mine decided that was too long.
6in tall & 5mo old, I've got a quarter sized pineapple. what?

At this point I'm surprised I've actually gotten it to grow, albeit way too fast. I tend to kill everything. Do any of you garden? Pineapples are actually really easy to grow, literally pop off the top of the plant, pull off the bottom section of leaves, place into a glass of water and wait for small roots to show, then plant (in the ground like me, or in a pot - they can even be grown indoors!), then water once a week if there is no rain. They won't do well outside in cold weather though.

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  1. ahgkjskkjfkdi! CUTEST PINEAPPLE EVER! I just freaked when I saw that picture! I kill everything too, I always forget to water or I overwater. You're Pineapple is looking awfully good!


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