Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fashionista Advice Requested!

Hello lovely ladies...
If your husband is in the Marine Corps, or you have friends associated with the USMC, you will know that our Ball is fast approaching! I will be re-wearing a matte black floor-length gown as a strapless this time around, instead of tied around my neck and minus the shiny silver brooch. I have added a photo of the top below:

I altered the color on the left side to show the details... the right shows where the dress falls on my chest.

I have two pairs of heels that I can re-wear... the gold are from the very first Ball I attended in 2008, the red are from my wedding in 2009:

I went jewelry shopping browsing today... and ran across these two sets:
Gold & multi-colored gems.

Gold & maroon/red/pink amber.

Now ladies... here are my questions for you!
  1. Which set of jewelry? Multi or Reds?
  2. Which shoes? Gold or Red?
  3. To throw a wrench in the game... if I could find awesome blue heels should I go with the Multi & rock the blues?
Thanks for the advice!

 *Please be nice... if you don't like my dress, shoes, or jewelry choices - that's fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I simply thought it would be fun to see what you all thought... especially since I can't decide!


  1. I'd wear the red heels and the red jewely...LOVE the dress! So jealous...I miss the USMC ball!

  2. I'm on the red bandwagon too. It's so fun and a nice touch. I wore blue shoes on my wedding day so I'm with you on that!

  3. I love the red heels!

    Nicole Michelle


I love hearing from you all! =)