Wednesday, November 24, 2010

235th USMC Ball? Oops...

Uh, yeah... the ball was exactly two weeks ago (10th) and I managed to skip over telling you all about it! My apologies, although I know that most Marine Corps SO's will already know most of this.

Rumored to have been made by "Ace of Cakes."

To begin the ceremony the Honor Guard marched in followed by the special guests and guest of honor, then the Color Guard presented the flags. Afterwords the Chaplain offered a prayer for the group, the food, and the remembrance- I absolutely love that this is still part of the tradition, that prayer is still allowed, and at the number of "Amens" we heard all around the room. This year they paid a special tribute to the Korean Veterans with a video from the commandant... After the video the guest of honor spoke and then the cake was brought in, per tradition the first piece is cut with a sword then given to the guest of honor. A second piece is cut and given to the oldest Marine in the room- who then gives the piece to the youngest Marine (this year born in 1991! whoa!). When the cake detail left, the "Missing Man" table was presented and described. At this time the drummer and bagpiper came in... I did my best to hold back tears. I think bagpipes are the saddest yet most honorable instrument next to the trumpet for honoring those that have left us. Once the remembrance and formalities were completed dinner and dessert were served followed by dancing. It was a fun night, we won the glass pitcher centerpiece at our table, which has "235th Marine Corps Birthday Ball" and an EGA etched into it. We each received a bottle opener saying the same thing with Iwo Jima images on the back.

I'm the furthest one to your right.
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  1. You look so pretty! And your cake is AMAZING. I am totally jealous!!! Our youngest Marine was born in 1991 too. The whole room gasped and started talking when we heard that. I remember turning to my husband and saying, "1991! I *remember* 1991!"


  2. You look beautiful ... and ya know? I've accepted my pale-ness too. People never believe me when I say I grew up in SoCal and essentially swallowed Coppertone between Dec and August.

    Although ... my hubby is only tan on his neck and from his biceps down. ROCK'N Marine Corps farmer's tan. He's white as a sheet everywhere else.

  3. You look great!
    It sounds very nice :)

  4. You look gorgeous!

    Our youngest was born in 1992. I remember 1992, but hubby was in college. He is now officially old.

  5. Great picture! Sounds like a great time!

  6. believe me, your curls look a million times better than any attempt I have made!!!!


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