Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lemon Fresh

I am beginning to think I have an obsession with lemon... although, it's been a long time coming... when I was little (like baby-toddler) I would take all of the lemons from the water glasses around the table and eat them straight up! No joke. =)

Lemon Pepper Chicken is a frequent dish at our house.

I have a "fresh lemon" candle in the kitchen.
I also have a citrus fresh reed diffuser in the kitchen.

Besides Coconut Lime Verbena, Kitchen Lemon hand sanitizer is usually in one of my purses/work bags.
I cannot get enough lemonade, regular, pink, mango... whatever. Lemon iced tea & Arnold Palmer's are also on the top of my list!! (I don't drink soda)
If these are not in the freezer... my husband may throw a fit. Which is perfectly fine with me, haha.
I am also pretty much addicted to any lemon-esque candy:

I found this recipe this afternoon, I am almost certain these cookies will be made by next week. #1- lemon, hello! #2- shortbread, I love shortbread cookies. {remember these shortbread truffles I made?}


So ladies...
Any fruit you are especially fond of?
Or am I just a total weirdo?


  1. have you tried the Girl Scout lemon cookies? (not sure what their exact name is). DH bought quiet a few boxes of their cookies and I choose those lemon one...I was in heaven, DELISH!

  2. My mouth is seriously watering. Ha ha I dig lemon too!

  3. ooh! I'm the same way with oranges! Love everything about them- smell, taste, look! My sisters and I would fight over this sparkly dreamsicle lotion from Bath&Body Works when we were younger! And a friends mom
    gave me fresh, California oranges this weekend! YUM!

  4. Same way. I loooove lemons and citrus in general. I still eat the lemons from the water glasses! And order Arnold Palmers! Oh I am craving some now... I may have to eat my lemon shortbread cookies that are on my desk!


I love hearing from you all! =)