Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fitting into the mold...

So I ran into this website called Feel More Better, and I absolutely love their mission page...

Women shouldn't see at a Victoria Secret's Advertisement (or any other fashion, make-up, etc) and think "oh, I am suppose to look like her..."

I am a skinny person by genetics, which is not saying that I don't do anything, I work out 3-5x per week and I eat fairly clean. But, I do not condemn other women for being curvy, I actually think it's beautiful. The pin-up girls of the 40s are some of my favorites and those women had curves!

Being skinny people often say- "oh, you have nothing to worry about, you're so perfect." Excuse me? I am just as self-conscious as the woman wearing size 16+ jeans, and no... in-case you're wondering I am not a size 2. I think every girl grows up with advertisements thrown at her on how to "be a better person" Why? Why can't we be the best version of ourselves and not change ourselves to fit the mold when it comes to looks (minus being healthy)?

I believe exercising and eating healthy is important. I personally feel that the lack of these two items have lead to the downfall of many... but I do know that sometimes that's just not the case. I have friends with PCOS, and it is an ongoing battle for them, and you know what... those ladies may not be the media's image of "perfection" but they have the most beautiful, caring, and gentle souls I know, not to mention they can rock some curvy clothing that makes me jealous at times =)

Be who you are!

**Sidenote: I don't really agree with their sex/sexuality columns due to personal beliefs, but I really do love the reason for the start of the page, and their t-shirts (which is what actually prompted this whole blog-too bad they cost like $75...)!

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  1. SO true, great post! People will tell me the same thing, nothing to worry about, not true. I think women with curves are beautiful, too!


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