Monday, July 9, 2012

The Value of {Your} Life

Recently a friend from college was injured in a car accident while touring with Warped Tour. It is sad that he and another in the car were injured and rushed to the hospital... but what is devastating is the fact that one of the band members died on impact. While I didn't know him in person my sister did, he was actually in the youth band during her time at youth group (aka- he went to my church). The friend I did know I met in college at Chi Alpha. For him and the other guy that survived I pray they don't ask "why him and not us" for the rest of their lives and instead continue making music and living the dream that they all shared.

All of that to say... I clicked on the Facebook page for the guy who passed away (we have a lot of "mutual friends") and wow what a life he must have lived in his short 22yrs on earth! Everyone was thanking him for the positive impact, showing his joy in life, sharing his music, etc... **sidenote: isn't it crazy how fast a Facebook page can turn into a memorial?** While there were some sadder posts, such as "I wish I had told you..." "I can't stop crying..." the majority of them were positive outlooks on HIS life.

Not to be cryptic... but... what would people write on your facebook wall/blog/etc if you were gone? I would hope I had positively impacted at least one person on this earth. Even if you aren't "living your dream" or if you feel like your past was a "much better time" for you, think about living here & now... because honestly here and now is what we get. Who are you impacting with your words, your mannerisms, your lifestyle, your actions? Are you happy with that? 

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  1. I've thought about this many times before. What would people say about me if I were to be gone tomorrow? I think I'm pretty happy with the impact I have made on people and the people that I have helped. :)


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