Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quick Update

So, here's the dirt. Or should I say water?
Ugh. Friday evening we invited friends over for dinner, I went to open the fridge to start preparing the salad and I found myself standing in a huge puddle of water! I turned on all the lights in/near the kitchen to figure out what the heck was leaking. Well, eventually I called Q to come down and help. Our refrigerator ended up in the middle of the kitchen blocking the sink/dishwasher/cabinets and the washer and dryer got pulled out blocking the entrance. He originally thought the washing machines pipes were leaking but soon discovered it was actually pipes further up in the wall (oh great!).

Right about then the timer beeped and I fought my way to the oven and pulled out the homemade pizza and not 2sec later our friends knocked on the door and I fought my way out of the kitchen... we called the emergency maintenance line and a guy showed up halfway through dinner. Awesome night to have dinner guests-no? His solution- placing a drip pan under the leak and saying he and another guy would be there Monday to fix the pipes in the walls. However it would be a major construction so we need to clear out the kitchen area.

The good thing about renting= they have to fix everything.
The bad thing about renting= they have to fix everything.

Oh and to top it off... the A/C will run, but no air comes out of the vents! Gahhhhhhhh!

I don't want to sound like a whiner, but come on now =/

In more upbeat news...

The Mrs. from Trying Our Best had me design a button for her upcoming blog hop, which (I may be biased) I think you should all join! It benefits everyone, because we will all learn new recipes and find cool new blogs to follow. She's even making the deal a little sweeter by offering a giveaway that you're automatically entered to win just by linking up.

Check out all the details HERE.

I'm also trying to think up a fun way to show you how I picked the winner of the Military Wedding Week Contest, so stay tuned tomorrow (if I can get online, things might be crazy here... lets hope for no rushing water falls coming from the walls!! yikes.)


  1. Very cute button! And I'm sorry about the leak. How frustrating! I hope they get it fixed tomorrow!

  2. I hope they get everything fixed! I can't imagine being without the AC or the appliances! I'd never make it as a pioneer :-) I'm really excited about the recipe hop...I'm already thinking of how many wonderful recipes I'll collect!

  3. Love the button! Adorably vintage. Cute blog to boot too!


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