Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who's behind Skinnie Piggie?

I never really did an "about me" post... for three reasons.
  1. This was originally a design/inspiration/baking/etc place for me to link things I liked.
  2. It was an anonymous thing- I have a personal blog for my real-life family/friends.
  3. I have an about page in the upper navigation bar. (not sure if anyone looks at those links)
However, I feel as though I should get a bit more personal... not too personal though! I'm still a marine wife living in ______ who's husband does ______ and our names well.... yeah. ;-p

Here we go:
I am living the military life and let me make this clear... I did not choose it. I chose a man who is proudly serving his country, whom I am madly in love with. We dated long distance our ENTIRE relationship. The closest we ever lived to each other was a 3hr drive, insanely enough that's how we met. Even that only lasted 4mo and he was re-stationed 2,300+ mi away! Yet, the 4mo of our weekend dates must have been pretty special because we decided to make things work. The longest we've gone without seeing each other is 10mo, man does it suck. We've spent thousands (literally) of dollars on cross-country plane tickets, more $ on postal services to mail gifts, etc. Even with being married for almost 7mo now, we've spent more time apart than we have together!

One of the weirdest question I hear is- "how/why do you do this?" How on earth can you ask me or any military wife that question...seriously. How? Why? I married him for crying out loud, and I wasn't given an instruction manual, that would have made a nice little gift. I don't ask you how you live married to a lawyer or an accountant. I don't ask you why you complain about your husband's week long business trip when I have to deal with months at a time. I think people who ask that are silly and petty, and with my whole heart I think they need to remember why they married their husband. =/ I hope it was for love.

If we must be labeled (stupid) my husband and I are Christians. We profess that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. This was an interesting topic early in our dating, as he was semi-raised Catholic, yet didn't attend services. He did attend the protestant services on base and was beginning to find his way in faith when we met. Later in our dating we did devotionals and book studies together via phone. [Daily Bread & The Relationship Principles of Jesus] Once we were engaged we managed to get our then pastors to work together to counsel us separately, while we discussed the topics of our book "Preparing for Marriage God's Way" during our phone conversations. It was intense, I had to learn the true meaning of a wife being submissive (not a slave!) and he had to realize it was his duty to lead and protect this family the same way Christ leads and ultimately sacrificed for us (intense!).

This life isn't easy. It isn't anything I imagined I would be doing. But, I love him and know his duty to our country is important. I don't have a job, not for lack of trying or education, I have my Bachelor's of Science... but moving around has made having a career tough. I am also selective about the hours I will work, I believe my husband and I need/deserve time together. He is gone for work in the vicinity of 10-12hrs a day, PT included. Meaning if I were to work late afternoons/evenings or weekends, well we would never see each other. In my mind- not acceptable. My marriage is much more important to me than some job will ever be. Do not mistake or confuse this for me being completely dependent on him, not true. I hang out with other wives, fiancees, and girlfriends, I do volunteer events, I am a consultant for a Candle/Military Gear company, I craft, attend Bible study, and do many other things for myself. My identity is not tied solely to my husband, though I love him dearly and have taken his last name ;-p

So I am a...

Child of God.
Grand daughter.
USMC Wife♥

Who are you?


  1. Thank you so much for sharing more of your story. I take heart from your experiences. :)

  2. What a nice story....thank you for sharing!!! :-)

  3. I love it! Thank you for "getting personal". I love learning more about my favorite bloggers :)

  4. Great story! I share a lot of similarities. My husband and I have been together for almost 2 years and haven't even spent a year together. And I completely agree on the not choosing the military and your views :) Rock on for staying strong!

  5. thank you so much for sharing! i really enjoyed reading more of your story!

  6. Skinnie piggie! You beat me to this blog! I've been "blogging" something like this in my head for a while. I love your very touching story. I also like that you talked about your independence balanced with your love for your hubby. Very touching :D

  7. You guys are so cute! Nice to read more about you :)

  8. Thank you for opening up to us and getting "more personal" with your blog! I loved reading about you and getting to know you a bit more. Thank you for sharing and it was a great story! =)

  9. just started following you - your get to know me, made me laugh :) i'm a USMC wife too and i feel ya on the weird things people ask! nice to know i'm not alone.

  10. Hi! I'm a new follower and I'm enjoying reading your blog. I feel the EXACT same way about jobs too!


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