Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Event Lighting

Hey everyone,
I really hope your holiday weekend was great, I know for us military wives we got the added advantage of a 4-day weekend! Anyway, as I was celebrating my mind went into event planning mode (as usual!) and I started thinking how much lighting plays into the mood and decor of an event.

Considering I celebrated on a boat, there wasn't much lighting... however I couldn't stop from thinking how we could have dressed the boat up a bit. Mood lighting is always a great idea for events. Most people tend to lean towards paper lanterns and while those are nice, I just found hanging LED lanterns which are seriously cool and no outlet is necessary! Check them out:

Then I started to think about all the backyard BBQ's that I had attended on previous Independence Day's. I think fire pits are an amazing thing to have especially in a party setting. My parents had one and all of us kids loved to make s'mores while the adults would sit around chatting and sipping on their drinks.I couldn't resist posting a picture of this fire pit, it reminds me of summer nights enjoying a mini bon-fire after a long day at the beach.

Speaking of events, I am currently in the middle of planning a baby shower for a friend (yes, another one...all of my friend's are becoming mommy's, and no I'm not jumping on the bandwagon anytime soon!). I think a light to match the theme of the baby's room would be an amazing shower gift that could double as a decoration for the actual shower itself. Look at this elephant, is that not cute? PS: He's on sale!

Well ladies,
That's my take on event lighting!
Hope you are all having a great week.
I will have a very iffy internet connection for the next 6ish days, so there will (most likely) be no posting until next Wednesday... but I WILL check my e-mail to get the info for my summer essentials swap partner =)

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  1. I LOVE the elephant light. Super cute! And it's on sale, how can you pass it up?

  2. Those light up lanterns are too cool! And I love the BBQ pit, I want to get a BBQ pit when I get a house so bad!

  3. I posted the swap partners!

  4. I love all of those ideas! So cute!

  5. That light is so cute!! and yes its great bc of its use as a gift and decoration!!!

    i am in a freezing cold room right now and I want that fire pit SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

  6. those lights are cute!! i left you something over at my blog!!

  7. I wish I had LOTS and LOTS of money so I could go all out for a party. I have in my head what I would do...but my pockets tell me different.

  8. that elephant is so cute!

    I hope you can participate in the contest I'm hosting!


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