Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The tale of one toilet...

I peed in the shower today.
We have one toilet.
Just one.
This morning it got clogged...Marine was gone.
Convenient for him =/

I am volunteering at my church's VBS.
I had to be there no later than 9am.
I plunged & plunged & plunged...
To no avail... ugh.
8:45am... I had to leave.
Closed the lid...
Sprayed air freshener.
Closed the door.

I forgot about the toilet.
The kids were B-A-D today.
Like, wanted to pull my hair out bad.
After VBS I ran my errands.
Got home and had to pee.
Like REALLY bad!

Now there was no water.
But it was N-A-S-T-Y...
I'm sure you can use your imagination.
So I flushed it, hoping against hope.
Nope, of course... filled to the very top...

So, the sink or shower were my options.

I really could have used one of these...
Too bad for me.
I finally got it to flush normally...
Only took another 45min.


  1. did clean the shower after all this, right? ;) I'm glad your toilet is working now; there is nothing worse than using the plunger unsuccessfully for like an hour. So frustrating!

  2. once i clogged mine and i dont have a plunger so i boiled some water and poured it down there. it smelled awful but.... it worked in a half hour :)

  3. Way to be resourceful! I'm not going to judge you. :)

    I have been helping with VBS this week too! Our classes are in the evening so I've been going after work. I think some of my kids had taken rowdy pills yesterday too.

  4. LOL, oh the things they miss when they are away!!! Why does it always seem so convenient that way?!?

  5. HAHA this story is hilarious :) happy that you got it fixed!

  6. I have TOTALLY done that before when I lived in my old apartment with my roommate. We only had one toilet so our only other option was the shower. Ha! I'm glad you resolved it though!


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