Friday, July 16, 2010

A Golf Ball Story

I needed to exchange something at the sporting goods store today and as my husband was leaving for work he asked me if I could pick up the golf balls that were on sale. This was all fine and good, really... until I actually walked into the golf area.

EVERYTHING was on sale! Boxes of balls were 2 for $40, or 3 for $35, or 1 for $9.99, then a mix and match area where you could get 3 types for $45, and more...

I have come to the conclusion that sending a girl to buy boxes of golf balls is the same as sending a boy to buy tampons/pads*
[*obviously if you know the exact brand/type this statement doesn't work...]

Seriously though!

I mean think about how many different brands of feminine hygiene products there are... different applicators... different absorbency levels... different sizes... and on...

Did you know...
There is a huge array of golf ball brands? The balls range in soft-medium-hard exteriors, have 2-5 layers, some are made specifically for practice and others for driving ranges, It was CRAZY!

Needless to say...
I did not buy any golf balls today.

When he got home from work:
Him- "You didn't get any golf balls for me?"
Me- "I decided that if you won't buy me tampons I'm not buying you golf balls, there's just too many different kinds!"
Him- *laughing* "Alright, if that's what you say!"

Although he probably would buy me tampons because he could just take the empty box to the store and match it, I've never needed him to though. He is new at golf and hasn't found the specific golf ball that is "just right," so I was at a complete loss.


  1. Haha! It's true though. I have no idea when the hubs wants me to buy him something and there are so many different kinds. Too many choices!

    I like the comparison with tampons!

  2. Thanks for the Giggy Piggy tips! Taking him with us isnt an option, we are flying from WA to PA! And we just moved here so I dont know anyone here... I guess we will be looking at The Pet Brigade!

    My dear husband is lucky, I bought a box of tampons right after we were married (3 years ago) and haven't had to refill it yet! Mirena is a glorious IUD for me, no periods! And if I do have one, it only lasts a day.

  3. hahah that is such a funny comparison :D


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