Friday, February 11, 2011

TOMS {re-visited}

Remember THIS post about TOMS vs. Airwalks?

Well... I've had good and bad comments, none of which I deleted... I feel as though people should be able to express their opinions.

Anyway, at the exchange 2 weeks ago, I ran into these:

"BOBS" by Skechers I won't lie, I rolled my eyes.
This shoe is far more alike TOMS than the Airwalks were...
The name, the flag on the back, the exact same design.

Let me express once again that I do not care that they are doing one-for-one, I am very pro helping out those in need! I don't care that they are far less expensive, what I DO care about is that they can't be original enough to brand & market their own style of shoe. Even the founder of TOMS Shoes, Blake Mycoskie is pro other companies giving to children. I love that companies like World Vision & Soles 4 Souls are involved with big companies like Airwalk and Skechers!

And YES, I do realize that TOMS used
(copied as said by one commenter) the Espadrilles & Alpargata style {PAEZ Shoes}. It makes sense though, the children Blake befriended in Argentina would have seen their parents or those wealthy enough for shoes wearing them.

I am not the only one out there who is a bit confused by these brand shoes copying TOMS. I did some searching and found some articles that adequately express my opinion.
I guess in the end, there will be no "winner" not that there should be. Each company- TOMS, Airwalks, & Skechers are making the world a better place... which deserves kudos. =)

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  1. I just came across this post and can I say: WOW. I have about 12 pairs of TOMS and love everything about the shoe: the comfort, the style, the charity aspect of it. I pay the $50 or so because I know children are getting the same quality shoe. What bothers me the most is this: at $20 a pop-these children who would NEVER have shoes if it wasn't for Blake (not Tom, like one commenter on the otherpost suggests) are most likely getting a poorer quality shoe. How often are these knock off shoe companies giving shoes?

    You get what you pay for, and by the time I'm done with ONE pair of my $50 TOMS, I'm sure other people will go through several pairs of their BOBS.

    Furthermore, TOMS is not the random name of a person (bob) it stands for a better TOMORROW! And of course Blake used the concept of shoes these children were familiar with... that's why the Argentinian flag is on the back!

    End of my Rant... sorry.


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