Wednesday, January 12, 2011


There is absolutely no denying that I am an avid TOMS fan... I own three pairs. I love the "one for one" movement. As far as I know TOMS was the first company to start a program like this and even more amazing was how it started from the ground-up... it wasn't an established company, it was one man's dream.

Which is why Airwalk's Good Shoe Project kind of irks me...

Not for the reason you may think either.

I don't care that they are giving shoes to children in need... EVERY child deserves a pair of shoes, especially in third world countries where simply having shoes solves many health problems! I absolutely LOVE that they are donating through World Vision, my parents actually sponsor multiple children through them. (My husband and I sponsor through Compassion).

It's not that Airwalk is giving back, it's the way they went about it. Even if they wanted to do a "one for one" type of giving, did they really need to COPY the shoe style from TOMS? That is what irks me.

Take a look:

I can personally say that I won't be purchasing these Airwalks... they are not comfortable to me (and in my personal opinion-not made to the same quality standards) compared to TOMS. I do own other Airwalks, mainly dress shoes. I realize TOMS are more expensive... ranging from $49-$99, while these shoes only cost $19.99. So for those who would like to own a pair of shoes while giving back to children in need this can be much more reasonable.

I guess I just don't like how they went about it.
Your thoughts?


  1. I don't think they look much like the Toms..they look more like Vans.

  2. The only think looking similar I think is the color. Why is red the pick? I agree- I think they look EXACTLY like Vans, but I tihnk most airwalk shoes do, and that is what bugs me about them. They seem to be a knock off, or poor mans Vans.

  3. I do think they have always been chasing Vans (another brand I like)... maybe they just aren't good at finding their own identity, so they copy other ideas?

  4. To me they are a flash-back tot he old skool Airwalks and Vans of my youth. First I have heard about this promotion, and I think it is wonderful!! You can save some $ buying the Airwalks and put the difference towards the first month's sponsorship of a Compassion child! :D

  5. Oh my gosh. Are you kidding me? They can't come up with something original? That's just sad. I can't say that I own a pair of Airwalks, but I might not be buying them... Especially not that style. Besides, I love my TOMS way too much to "cheat" on them. ;-)

  6. How ironic--we were just talking about TOMS in my marketing class today. I even posted a blog post about the company.

    What the heck?! How could some company just copy the complete look of TOMS? I agree that it's great to give back in any way that a company can...but I find it peculiar that they chose the exact same shoe basically. Anyway, this bugs me too!

  7. I actually just got that pair of the red airalks this weekend. I have always wanted a pair of Toms, I love the look and the idea behind it but I am a grad student on a very tight budget. When I way these airwalks at Payless I was very excited.Someday maybe I will be able to ger some real Toms but for now I cant wait for the weather to get warm so I can wear these.

  8. Sorry, but I find your post obnoxious and elitist. Tom of TOMS borrowed/copied the style from the Pyrenees, the Argentinians, the Bangladeshis as well as dozens of other ancient shoe-wearing cultures. (Look up alpargata or espadrillas.) I don't exactly understand the great injustice Airwalk is doing TOMS by trying to spread the "one for one" to a lower socioeconomic class -- those people that shop at Payless for Airwalks instead of Nordstrom for TOMS. Know what I'm saying?

  9. *Sigh* It's called competition! Without it there would be a thing called scarcity. If you new anything about economics you would know that. Toms were not the first company to help other countries. Toms are also made in China, meaning they make other people in need make cheap shoes so they can sell it far more than what they are worth and act like they are being amazing by giving a pair to a child who will probably destroy them within two weeks.


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