Saturday, January 29, 2011

Please be helpful.

Goodness gracious...
Preparing for training and a PCS at the same time sure can be frustrating.

Dear Mr. Cashier @ Henderson Hall's Uniform Shop,
We drove 45min to get to you, through DC no less! We had our 604 form for husband to get his 2 extra sets of cammies for training. Yet you wouldn't even look at it once you saw that the supplier # wasn't there (everything else was, FAN #, CO, and a signature). You simply turned us away! Telling us to come back tomorrow. Seriously?

Dear Mrs. Cashier @ Bethesda's Uniform Shop,
Thank you so much for being willing to look up the supplier's # for my husband's shop. Thank you for taking the few minutes out of your day to help us get the uniforms he needed for the training he will be attending.

Dear Bethesda,
Or National Naval Medical Center or Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Get it together already! Every time I step through those doors something has changed, moved, or disappeared all together. I realize you're going through an identity crisis as well as on-going construction but I feel that it's a bit ridiculous that inpatient & outpatient (dependents/active duty) medical records are located in four different places!

What a day.
It's getting so close!


  1. I think we did that same dance around DC about 2 years ago. I feel for you. Hugs!

  2. Are you still around? Can we still get together??

  3. Reina- I tried to reply via e-mail but you must not have it set up??

    We're here for another week-ish. Getting ready for the invasion known as TMO and then putting the car on a barge. So it'll be tight, but we could try. I am also really sick at the moment =/


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