Monday, January 17, 2011

My babies...

We believe this is our last full week with Twix & Beans.

Technically it doesn't HAVE to be, but we want the little guys to be able to settle in to their new home without so many drastic things going on around them before we give them to our friends (ie: movers, hotel, etc).

We got our "guinea pig permits" (I'm not kidding!) and were prepared to take the boys with us! We knew it would cost a fair amount and would take a little juggling, involving driving across the country to my parents and ultimately having them drop them off at the airline after we had a house lined up. However, after a ridiculous ordeal with airlines and attempting to plan different ways to get them over the ocean that were ultimately over-priced with no guarantee for their safety/well-being... I'm so blessed that my friend Michelle fell in love with the little guys. Last monday she came over to get the "guinea pig rundown." We changed their playpen, cut their nails, bathed them, washed their water bottles, cleaned out their cages, and went over a list of recommended food.

It doesn't make it any easier.

I know, I know, they are just animals. Just pets.

But to me, they are different. They are there for me when I get home from work and hubby is working late/has duty. Beans gets ready with me in the mornings... he runs around the bedroom floor while I get dressed and then sits on the bathroom counter while I do my hair & make-up. Twix is a little cuddle-bug, he will sit with you on the couch for the entire duration of a movie. Best of all, you can talk and talk and talk to them, and they just sit and listen then cuddle with you afterward.

They are my little babies.

Hubby has promised that (if I choose) we can get another piggie once we're all settled into our new home. This is nice and all, and if I feel right then I will... but right now I just want these piggies, my piggies. =/


  1. Aaaaw they are never just animals or just pets!! I'm sorry you have to give them up :-(

    You make me want a guinea pig!!

  2. :( I'm glad your friend feel in love with them. My rabbits are the main 2 reasons I refuse to move overseas. If I could find someone to put up with them, then maybe but there's no way I'd want to put them through the stress of moving. I think your pigs will be sad that you're gone, but I think it's better than stressing them with a big move. I hope your friend sends you lots of photos.

  3. I am so sorry you have to leave them!!!!!

  4. I used to have a guinea pig and they are just so loveable. I am glad your friend is taking them for you, I know it isn't a lot easier but it is a start!

  5. I can understand the feeling. I had to leave my kitties behind when I moved to Alaska after I married Daniel. I know you will always carry around the wonderful memories of your babies in your heart.

  6. How cute! I'm glad they found a good home.


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