Sunday, September 25, 2011

25th Birthday Giveaway Palooza Run-down

Alright everyone... it's almost here! Tomorrow the five day giveaway marathon begins... be sure to check back daily to enter the next giveaway, I promise you won't want to miss out on any of these items.

The main things to remember:
  1. Each giveaway will open at 4am Hawaii time (7am PST, 10am EST)
  2. Each giveaway will run for 3 days and 3 days only.
    For example- Monday's giveaway will open at 4am Hawaii time and close Wednesday at 6pm (9pm PST, 11:59pm EST) The winner will be posted the following morning.
  3. Read the rules carefully... there are many different ways to earn entries depending on the different blogger and what they have... storefront, twitter, facebook, etc. Obviously the more things you do the better the chances of winning the giveaway!
  4. You can enter all five of the giveaways if you want too!!!
See you tomorrow with giveaway #1 ...want a sneak peak?

 You're going to love it!


I love hearing from you all! =)