Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pops of Color

I am not a morning person... I tend to stumble out of bed, use the potty, wash my face, slowly make the bed, and "trudge" down the stairs to head for the kitchen. Sunny days help my mornings infinitely... because the first thing I see when I walk into the kitchen is my "bottle window:"

I love bright pops of color, honestly if my husband would allow it... these colors would be all over the house! The "inspire" rock was given to my by the ladies of my Bible study, evidently I inspire them to follow their dreams (how cool is that?!), the cross was a gift from my mom.

This little windowsill makes me smile.

What place(s) in your house "inspire" you?
Bring a smile to your face?
Make you happy?


  1. I love your window sill! It would make me happy as well.

    I guess what makes me happy/smile in my house is walking into my kitchen and seeing our pictures on top of the refridgarator. I know husband hates having his picture taken, but loves me enough to take pictures with me.

  2. love the windowsill!

    unfortunately, there is no place in my house that inspires me. don't get me wrong, i love my house...the way its decorated, furniture, etc. but i lack the inspiration section of it..hahaha

  3. That is gorgeous!

    I probably love the couple of photos we have hanging up the most. All of Millie- my favorite is probably her dressed up as a monkey last Halloween. She's got the chubbiest cheeks, and I can't help but smile at it. :)

  4. I love the vibrant colors of the vases in your windowsill and can see why this puts a smile on your face. My place that makes me happy in my apartment is my's this beautiful buttery yellow that just makes me feel happy whenever I walk in. :)

  5. SO GORGEOUS! I would have to say my dining room is most inspiring to me. I have the table decorated for autumn and it just makes me happy, but now a days, the dining room table is where I do all my stamping, so one corner is a wreck! Luckily it seats six so there is room for my mess on the end and still room for hubby and I to eat there :D

  6. Color can totally change your mood. I love it. My sweet husband gave me free rein to do whatever I wanted with the house. Guess who is getting a turquoise bed... lol. He is getting a game room too though to makeup for it. haha

  7. Those are beautiful. The place that inspires me is probably my kitchen nook or my tiny reading corner. I really liked how you wallpapered your cookbook nook in the town homes, I'm thinking about doing that too.


I love hearing from you all! =)