Thursday, September 15, 2011

Birthdays & Teal Fingers

It's always interesting "celebrating" your family's birthdays, anniversaries, holiday's etc... when you can't physically be there in person. Luckily the post office and technology makes it a bit easier. This week my sister and our nephew celebrated their birthday's. My sister is in her early 20s and I've been there for almost all of her other birthday's, she even flew out to Maryland to celebrate her 21st with us and her best friend who happens to attend the Naval Academy. Our nephew is turning 3yrs old, so both of them won't really remember or care that we missed them. I guess it's just the knowledge that we did. The packages I made were normal looking on the outside (don't want to draw any attention!) but explosions of color on the inside! Each gift was wrapped and surrounded by multi-colored tissue paper, accompanied by a homemade card. My sister thanked me for hers, I'm waiting to hear from my sister-in-law whether or not our nephew enjoyed his gift.

How do you go about celebrating the holidays with family/friends afar?

To bring a little color into my life I painted my nails a funky teal color... my husband hasn't decided if he likes it, but the color makes me happy! (ignore my terrible painting skills, haha)

It's been a week of good news from friends:
  • New jobs
  • Pregnancy
  • Possible visits during my husband's deployment (!!!)
  • Passing the NCLEX
  • New pets
I always love hearing good news from my friends, it makes me happy to see them happy!

How are you guys doing this week?

Just throwing this out there...
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  1. I must say, that I am loving your bright fingers - makes me want to paint mine :)

  2. I posted about little pick me ups too lol. Did you get a pet? How could I miss this??!!


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