Monday, August 29, 2011

Birthday Giveaway Palooza

At the end of the September I will be turning the "big" 25.... it's crazy to me, thinking I've been on this earth for a quarter of a century. My parents keep telling me they feel old (and that they'd like a grand baby, but that's a whole different blog post in itself) and I keep trying to think of all the changes I've been thru, accomplishments, and challenges that I've overcome in my short time here on earth.

I would love to celebrate my birthday with each and everyone of you, since that's not physically possible... I want to give you gifts on my birthday. My current goal is to do a giveaway Monday-Friday of my birthday week. That means I need five of you ladies to donate an item of your choice from your amazing etsy shops, home made businesses, or home-based consultant businesses. They do not have to be military themed items.

Since you are donating the items you will have a say in the rules for your specific giveaway. Want more blog followers, facebook fans, visits to your etsy/consultant website? Let me know and we'll work it into the details! (*please note, you will be responsible for postage to the recipient).

PLEASE comment/e-mail me me ASAP... I need to have all of the items/rules no later than September 19th, that gives us three weeks to work out all the details. I can't wait to hear from you. If I get more than five people that's great!



  1. Now I wish I had an etsy business so I could contribute! I could donate some fresh basil if that works ;) Happy early birthday, friend!

  2. Happy Early Birthday! :) I just sent you an email! :)

    The Crafty Military Wife


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