Monday, August 15, 2011

Not a Pick-Me-Up =/

I know it's Monday, but today I have nothing fun to share with you. My body and mind are a mess...

I had a great week, I mean great.... spent time with the hubby after work, met with my husband's unit Chaplain, hung out with friends during the day, ran errands, took a lady from my Bible study out to lunch, etc. Then Friday came... I had my second meeting with the base counselor. Everything went well, he said he saw much improvement in my thoughts and my demeanor. He said my "natural approach" to healing was the best way to go about it. I am taking a liquid multi-vitamin in the morning, papaya pills for digestion after I eat, calcium/magnesium in the evening, and melatonin before bed. The problem... my trip to the ER the week before the doctor diagnosed me with anxiety/acute gastritis and placed me on a low dose anxiety medication. My counselor will not renew the prescription. Which theoretically is fine, I do not want to be on it, I do not want to get addicted. 

However... Friday night/Saturday morning- full on panic attack.

This healing process doesn't seem to have an end in sight, I'm scared. I pray continually, read my Bible, and am doing all of the "self-mantra" things the counselor has taught me. *sigh*

Please keep me in your prayers, I am sorry for being such a downer lately!

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