Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bloggy Friend!

Reina from Semper Gumby... the Return of Sunshine, came to Hawaii to visit her family! I had missed my opportunity for meeting with her in Maryland with our crazy PCS, so I wasn't about to pass up on my chance when she was only an hour drive from our apartment!

At 10:30am I left my house for the cross island drive and pulled into her resort around 11:20am... we headed to the local Mexican restaurant, unfortunately I wasn't very hungry but the conversation was good!

After lunch we headed back to her resort to dip our feet in the lagoon... the guy taking our picture kept making us laugh!

It's not possible to skip quality shave ice!

Yay! She liked my surprise for her =)

Thanks for the great afternoon lady!!
Are you stationed in Hawaii, I would love to meet-up with you!


  1. OOH! Kane'ohe Bay is definitely on our list of places to PCS ... we should be getting official orders SOMEWHERE in the next 3 months or so!

  2. like I said on Reina's wall...SO STINKING JEALOUS!!!! So glad you all had a great time!

  3. That shirt is so cute!! Love it.


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