Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Joint Spouses Conference

I am beyond excited to attend this event... so, I am praying that between the movers/unpacking, the cable company gets their booty to our new house to set-up the internet or I will be abandoning my poor husband and running to Starbucks to use their internet to register!

I can't remember exactly how I found out about the event, whether it was a google search or someone from one of the classes I've been attending on base mentioning it, either way it seems like a must-attend event for the island! I've also heard that registration goes quickly and the workshops fill-up in no time, so I better pick what I'd like to do in advance. There are so many awesome options... photography, cupcake decorating, stand up paddle boarding (!!!), self enrichment, and many many more... I only get to choose five, five!

If you're on the island, will you be attending? If you're not... do any of the bases near you offer something similar to this for military spouses? I'd love to be able to put a list of these types of events together for everyone!


  1. that sounds like a lot of fun! And ya.... not so much with stuff like that in Canada :P But I shall live vicariously through you!

  2. It sounds fun! I've never heard of something like this.


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