Friday, September 2, 2011

Putting my feet up...

Our new house!
We moved into our base house on Wednesday! Since then it's been non-stop unpacking, flattening boxes (our garage MUST be a fire hazard!), organizing, down-sizing (it's amazing what you have that you don't need!), buying new things because we didn't have so many bathrooms before - not to mention hubby got a new grill - and the movers broke bookshelves, so of course they needed to be replaced!

Needless to say, my feet hurt. While the major items are put in place, there is still MUCH to be done, I'm sure that any of you who have PCS'd know what it's like making your stuff fit in a new space.

I figured it was time for a break, hubby has "Pirates: At World's End" playing while he's setting up the new bookshelves so I've plopped myself down on the couch and put my feet up on the table.... ahhhhh.

While scanning the blogs I follow, I ran across the cutest fall frames...

I want them, so cute!
They caught my eye because I am currently trying to figure out how to decorate the bookshelves once my husband is done assembling them. Aren't they so festive and fun... I may be in Hawaii, but I will not give up my passion for decorating for the seasons and holidays! The best part about these two beauties... they are up for grabs! Nope, not kidding... Tay from Our Military Home is giving them away this month. Head on over and enter... there are SO many ways to win!

Our Military Home

I guess I better stop procrastinating... but while we're on the topic of giveaways, I'm still looking for donations for my birthday giveaway palooza. You can find all the information by clicking the image below. It's going to be a fun celebration of my birthday and a great way for your blog/shop to gain followers, not to mention you may even win something yourself!

Okay... back to organizing... 
Have a great holiday weekend! 


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